Probate Law

Protect Your Loved Ones With a Guardianship Attorney

In the event a parent is deceased or incapable of caring for their children on a long-term basis, a legal guardianship may become necessary. A guardianship grants a trusted adult the authority to make medical, legal, and financial decisions for the child or disabled adult in question. The process for establishing a legal guardianship will vary depending on the state and its laws. An experienced Chicago Guardianship Attorney can help you understand the laws of your jurisdiction.

If a guardianship is needed for an incapacitated adult or minor, a petition will be filed with the court by a person that has been named as the “petitioner.” The petition must state clearly that the adult in question is incapable of managing their affairs, as well as provide a detailed description of the circumstances. The Court will then appoint a Court Evaluator to review the case and determine if a guardianship is appropriate. A Verified Petition is typically required, and should include a citation or notice to be served on the Adult in Need of Protection (AIP), as well as copies to the Court Evaluator, the proposed Guardian, and the attorney for the AIP.

A lawyer can help you prepare these documents and ensure that they are properly served to all parties. Additionally, a guardianship lawyer can assist in terminating a legal guardianship when it is no longer necessary.

Generally, the process of seeking a legal guardianship is complex. A qualified lawyer can help guide you through the process and provide the support you need during these trying times. The right lawyer can help you protect the interests of your loved ones, as well as the privacy of all involved in the process.

In addition to providing legal support, a knowledgeable guardianship lawyer can also assist in the preparation of a comprehensive estate plan. This can help avoid a lengthy and costly guardianship battle in the future, as well as ensure that your loved ones are protected.

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